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Project JANE

directed/devised by Monica Paine | costume design by Maya Tawatao

scenic and lighting design by Samuel Verdino | properties by Kaeanne Louks and Ali Robinson

photography by Dinah Rodgers

Devised amidst the discourse surrounding the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, Project Jane imagines a future in which mothers have been replaced with incubation robots. An android, Melissa10X, presents a lecture on the stories of six women and their experiences with reproductive health and the Jane Collective in 1970's Chicago.

There are two distinct worlds in Project JANE. The Year 3000 feels cold, dark, and synthetic. The colors of this time are silver, grey, and blue. The 1970's, on the other hand, reflect warmth, joy, and community. These characters are in yellows, browns, pinks, and reds.

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